identify a scam

Is it a SCAM?

Sometimes it's hard to tell. Just forward the email to, and one of our IT volunteers will look it over and give you their expert opinion. We do this as a free service to help starve nasty scammers into oblivion.

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Free advice

Do you want to know how to avoid SCAMs, SPAM, or other Internet FlimFlam man? One of our volunteers will do their best to answer your question, or give you the best advice they have. Keep in mind all our services are free, and will be the personal (expert) opinion of a single IT professional. We're not asking for anything from you, we just want to punish scammers. (and maybe help a few gramdma's, aunties, and uncles keep their hard earned money)

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Stuff We Like

Everyone has their favorites, and this is a collection of links to vendors and services we like. We make a few cents if you click on their links, and this website costs a little to host and maintain. It's kind of a win-win for everyone.

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We Hate Scammers!

Whether its an email asking to update your online banking password, or a phone call from India claiming to be Microsoft. We hate them all! It doesn't matter



Next Steps...

If you received a suspicious email, or want to click a link but aren't sure if it's safe. Just send it to us. One of our experts will look it over and give you our best advice.